Osceola and a Red Drain

Sometimes I challenge myself to shoot an image that captures the essence of a quote or literary passage. I read Walt Whitman’s poem titled Osceola. It’s about a Native American chief who dies in custody from a broken heart. The poem starts “When his hour for death hath come”. I wanted to create an image that represented Whitman’s ode to Oseola – the Native American who did in custody pining for his people and family. Red was the defining color that would dominate my image of Oceola.

While giving my 3 year old a bath I watched the water drain away. Like life I thought, moving slowly, languidly, developing more and more circular momentum as water drains away then rapidly disappearing into the underworld or spirit world with a final gurgle and slosh. I took a photo of the draining bath then edited the image in The Gimp to create the dominate red.

This is one of my favorite images. I have made a connection between this image and the story of Oseola. I don’t think the image is as appreciated by others because they don’t have the same story association as I.