little red planet

Here’s my latest Crunchbang Linux wallpaper. I wanted to stay true to the mostly black default theme as well as ensuring there’s good space on the right side of a lengthy Conky configuration. The file can be downloaded from the #!Crunchbang wiki site.

Categories: linux, wallpaper

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to herd clouds?

Categories: wallpaper

Pelican feeding, The Entrance, NSW Australia Creative Photography submission.

Categories: wallpaper

Officially it’s summer time again Down Under. Here’s a beach daisy tat could make a nice wallpaper if you have a hankering for something warm.

Categories: wallpaper

When I step out onto my balcony and look East, I always have magnificent views. I look towards the ridge opposite my house in the Dandenong Ranges. There are frequent colorful sunrises that materialise behind the dead branches of a large tree jutting through the forest canopy. You’ll find a number of photos from my   Read More …

Categories: space, wallpaper


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