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Questions you need to ask yourself in venue hire

Brisbane has a compact pedestrian-friendly CBD that offers more than 50 hotels ranging from those that are budget friendly to 5 star hotels and is located only 20 minutes away from Brisbane airport making it a great city for events. Other choices for venues include amphitheaters, concert halls, cricket and sports stadiums, restaurants, and various options for office space hire Brisbane wide among others.  Whether it is a wedding, business launch, media launch or a public event, you will not lack a venue for hire. This article offers a guide on some of the important questions you ought to ask so as to select the best venue for your event.

What kind of event is it

The kind of event you are hosting will play a significant role. If it’s a big event you are organizing such as an engagement, you will need engagement venues Brisbane market has today with massive space. When you have a small corporate event, or a business meeting then you should be looking more into studio office space hire.

Does it have a wow factor

The space that you should hire should definitely be inclusive of character and style. If it’s a themed party, for example, the curtains, carpets and lighting should be in such a way that they can blend with the colors and themes of the party. Also ensure there are options of changing things up before you go with the venue such that you can incorporate your style, and it will blend. The feel and look should be able to inspire the occasion.

It should be conveniently located

For many events, the location will be a great player in determining the turnout of people. This is even more particular when people need to travel to be able to get there. The location, therefore, needs to be somewhere central so that guests can easily access it as they need not be inconvenienced or strained. This is especially when you are considering an option for office space hire Brisbane market has today that is work-related.

How many guests are you entertaining

The numbers of guests that are supposed to grace your occasion will determine the kind of event that you will have picked for hire. Guests should never be packed in a small space as it can be quite uncomfortable to move, nor should a small event be located in a large office space hire Brisbane has as it can look empty and be a waste of resources. Therefore, you have to make certain that your space is adequate. You can quickly achieve this by making guests confirm their attendance at least prior to you booking the space.

When looking for a Brisbane function hire space for your event, doing enough research on the venue is very important. Most importantly consider the nature of the event you are hosting, the ambience of the venue on whether it’s in style with your event, as well as the location, whether it’s convenient and the number of guests too. For more details, just visit

Wollongong Photography Couldn’t Have Been Better

Nina Kourea, a Wollongong photographer, in her zeal for portraying beyond the cultural stigma, held self-portraits exhibition at Black and Gold Gallery of Thirroul and named it “Mother”. She has moved photography Wollongong wide to another level.

photography wollongong

Beauty of Wollongong

Being a seaside city in the midst of Illawarra region of Australia’s New South Wales, Wollongong has become a holiday or wedding destination for many. The city has perfect climatic conditions throughout the year. The serenity of the stretch of the sea beach attracts tourism.

What’s in it for You

The picture-perfect views for photography Wollongong offers provide numerous reasons for you to visit the place. Be it the splendour of summer time sunrise or the maiden voyage, you can enjoy this dream destination with family and friends.

Wollongong Wedding

Wollongong is one of the most chosen wedding destinations. The ocean backdrop beauty and the idyllic charm are beautifully captured by every Wollongong wedding photographer. Your special day can be made more special with the choice of this apt destination.

Not only for photography Wollongong professionals undertake, the place has an overabundance of venue options as well as caterers and service providers that can cater to your even niche requirements. Be it a requirement of a car or a motorcycle, everything can be arranged here at an affordable price with a unique wedding experience. Professional photographers can narrate your special day story in the most appropriate manner by capturing every moment, big things, small things, funny moments and even emotional moments or muddy things. They convert them to a story that you can narrate later to your loved ones.

Is it Affordable

As a consumer, it is vital that you get value for money for all your purchases, and so is the photography pricing. You may come across sale offers for even photography. One must do a background check and do a market survey to know the actual price of the photography Wollongong services. There could be a chance that the quoted price is double or even triple the actual cost and then there is a sale offer. One must do homework to reach the destination without remunerating anything extra. Check out Edge Photography

Prices can be customised as per your needs. It can be on hourly basis, or you can ask for the quote per the event. Some photographers charge based on the number of photographs.

Cheat sheet for Valuing

Do not dither to ask the following questions before finalising your photographer:

·        Do you provide all the photographs of any event or just the selective ones?

·        In case you supply a cut down set, how much will you charge for the complete set of photographs? Can all the images be printed with high resolution?

·        What is the maximum size of the print that can be taken with excellent quality?

·        Can the images be edited? If not, then how much will you charge for editing?

·        Do you keep a copy stored for future reference?

Lastly, check for quality versus quantity of photography.

Choose Wollongong for a dream come true destination, and you will never be disappointed.